Aloft Calgary University Hotel

Why Do You Have To Go?
The Aloft Calgary University Hotel provides loft-style guest rooms with a wireless internet connection. General amenities include the WXYZ Bar, a 24/7 lounge filled with exciting food options. These meeting rooms can accommodate up to 120 guests and a 24-hour business center. 
Aside from that, you can get the optimum relaxation from the indoor pool, the gorgeous view from a spacious deck, and a stress-reliever in the fitness center. You can try the soothing spa services and the therapeutic massages. 

LGBT Travel-In And Around Calgary

The LGBT community has known Calgary as one of the few very welcoming cities. Many establishments and events welcome performances from the said community. There are even dedicated festivals that are focused on them. For these reasons, there is no wonder many gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and queers want to travel to Calgary. 
The hotels in Calgary have conducted efforts to be more welcoming to LGBT travelers. This means that issues like discrimination, sexism, and harassment are mitigated to the point that they can’t occur at all. Among the …

Calgary Comic Entertainment Expo

Why Do You Have To Go?
The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is an annual event that spans four 4 days. It is a pop culture celebration, specifically catering to what society calls “geeks” and “nerds.” Everything from the comics and gaming industry, as well as the film and TV series adaptations and originals that can encourage fandom, is present. 
What’s Great About It?
Aside from the chance to meet your favorite pop culture personalities and artists, you can have the chance to secure autographs …