Calgary is one of the largest cities in Canada. It is a top tourist destination for all walks of life, including the LGBT community. The hospitality that Calgary extends is boundless. It is one of the cities in the world that many gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and others consider safe from gender discrimination and abuse.  

Compared to the gay-friendly locations in South America and Europe, Calgary is a bit more unique. The climate is not tropical, and there are not many festivals similar to that of a Mardi Gras in South America. The culture also is not as diverse as in European countries. But the best thing is that the city welcomes any member of the LGBT community with open arms. 

Whether you’re straight or not, you will notice that the hospitality seems intimidating to a first-time visitor. This can be due to the fact the number of cities that aren’t totally welcoming of the community far exceeds those that totally are. 

After a few visits from different locations, you soon realize the warmth of Calgary. The cooperation and protection of the community are strong and unshaken. You can invite any of your LGBT friends to experience the freedom they yearn for. 

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