Top 10 Best Gay Bars in Calgary 2023

Calgary, one of Canada’s most expensive cities, has a super vibrant nightlife. The queer nightlife promises even more intense fun! But there’s a catch: you may miss out on all the fun if you don’t know the right spots.
As a member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, it’s always a delight to visit welcoming and exciting fun places.
From boutique hotels that offer gay-friendly accommodations to lively bars where you can dance …

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Calgary?

CBD is a popular natural supplement with incredible health benefits. Due to its properties, it provides pain relief, anxiety, and sleep issues naturally and without the psychoactive effects of THC.
The good news is that CBD oil is legal in Canada and available in Calgary. The bad news is that the industry is largely unregulated, so finding a high-quality and trusted source can feel overwhelming.
Not to worry; we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ll walk you through exactly where to find CBD oil in Calgary from reputable retailers. …

How Vaping Relieves Stress of the LGBT Youth

Vaping is not just a way to consume nicotine, it is also a form of stress relief for many LGBT youths in the United States. Vaping can help take the edge off of a bad day or provide a moment of calm in the midst of a hectic week.
For many LGBT youths, vaping is a way to unwind and relax, which can be extremely beneficial in reducing stress levels. In addition, some juices can also be used as a tool to socialize and connect with others who share similar interests. Vaping is an important part of their lives and provides them with much-needed relief from the stresses of everyday …

Alberta University Of The Arts

Why Do You Have To Go?

The Alberta University of the Arts has a rich history of over 90 years. It has shaped the cultural and creative landscape of Alberta. The renowned Illingworth Kerr Gallery and the Marion Nicoll Gallery are open for visits to aspiring designers and artists worldwide. 

What’s Great About It?

The university has now become a craft, art, and design education center. Since 1926, thousands of creative and …

Aussie Rules Piano Bar

Why Do You Have To Go?

Ever since its emergence in 2002, the Aussie Rules Piano Bar has changed the piano bar scene in Calgary forever. There is non-stop music with more ways to enjoy it other than conducting a concert. There are piano duels and comedy shows that have sing-along bits. 
The bar is open from Thursday to Sunday, wherein the shows start at 8 in the evening while on other days it is at 9. You can avail of the bar for private functions and can book up to 250 guests. 

Family Travel

For families that have either LGBT children or parents, Calgary is the least of your worries. In fact, you can feel much safer here compared to any other city in the world. You can visit tourist attractions without attracting any discriminating look. You can bond as a family without being branded as a weird one. 
It is already a common sight within the streets and establishments of Calgary to have families with LGBT members walking and expressing themselves freely. There is no need to glorify the movement since the existing practice is always equality among …

Navigation And Personal Safety

Compared to other so-called gay-friendly environments, there is no gender segregation in the city of Calgary. There are no areas where gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders are prohibited from entering. Amidst the absence of societal pressure, it is best to observe caution when displaying behaviors such as public affection or glamorous actions.  
Calgary is seen as a very conservative city, but still, it is a place that welcomes the LGBT community with open arms. Couples can walk along the sidewalk while crossing arms. Groups can be loud in parks. Any …

Best Western Premier Calgary Plaza Hotel

Why Do You Have To Go?
The Best Western Premier Calgary Plaza Hotel is conveniently located between the Calgary International Airport and the center of the northeast business community of the city. Business meetings are so easy to conduct. 
When you want some personal time for enjoyment, there are 2 shopping centers within walking distance. You can also find entertainment and dining options in the area. If you want to explore more of Calgary, there is a light rail transit system nearby. Furthermore, attractions like Calgary Zoo, the Calgary …

Aspen Crossing

Why Do You Have To Go?
Aspen Crossing is an homage to the earliest communities in Alberta that used to live around the railways. Situated in one of the stretches of the former CP Rail line, Aspen Crossing utilized the landscape as a backdrop for fun-filled events. 
There are exciting train-theme excursions like the “Train of Terror” during Halloween and the “Polar Express” every Christmas. There are also eating options from the tavern or the vintage dining car.
What’s Great About It?

Aloft Calgary University Hotel

Why Do You Have To Go?
The Aloft Calgary University Hotel provides loft-style guest rooms with a wireless internet connection. General amenities include the WXYZ Bar, a 24/7 lounge filled with exciting food options. These meeting rooms can accommodate up to 120 guests and a 24-hour business center. 
Aside from that, you can get the optimum relaxation from the indoor pool, the gorgeous view from a spacious deck, and a stress-reliever in the fitness center. You can try the soothing spa services and the therapeutic massages.