Why Do You Have To Go?

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is an annual event that spans four 4 days. It is a pop culture celebration, specifically catering to what society calls “geeks” and “nerds.” Everything from the comics and gaming industry, as well as the film and TV series adaptations and originals that can encourage fandom, is present. 

What’s Great About It?

Aside from the chance to meet your favorite pop culture personalities and artists, you can have the chance to secure autographs and pictures. Also, you can avail exclusive merchandise and grab commissioned artworks. You can interact with those that share the same passion with you, and most of all, you can dress as any character you want, now known as cosplaying. 

Helpful Tip

Secure tickets as early as possible since there are only limited slots. If possible, secure a 4-day pass to enjoy the event fully. 

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