For families that have either LGBT children or parents, Calgary is the least of your worries. In fact, you can feel much safer here compared to any other city in the world. You can visit tourist attractions without attracting any discriminating look. You can bond as a family without being branded as a weird one. 

It is already a common sight within the streets and establishments of Calgary to have families with LGBT members walking and expressing themselves freely. There is no need to glorify the movement since the existing practice is always equality among genders. You can shop around, try cross-dressing and display acts of affection publicly. 

Calgary has many global attractions, educational tours, and recreational activities that suit families with LGBT members well. Among the places that offer such appropriateness are the New Central Library, The Paddle Station, WinSport, and the TELUS Spark Science Center. 

Having gay-friendly places doesn’t mean that families with LGBT members can’t enjoy public places. Almost all of Calgary is very welcoming, but there are places that treat LGBT members a bit better than neutral. Aside from the aforementioned places, others can be considered as such, like the Calgary Tower, Heritage Park, and Studio Bell.

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